Open source software

Front Matter is built with open source software, including the following key components:

Ghost is a blogging platform, designed to simplify the process of online publishing.

Original authors John O'Nolan, Hannah Wolfe

Discourse is the discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet.

Original authors Jeff Atwood, Robin Ward, Sam Saffron

A front-end development web framework that enables server-side rendering and generating static websites.

Original author Guillermo Rauch

The universal markup converter is a library for converting from one markup format to another.

Original author John MacFarlane

Citation Style Language (CSL) automates the formatting of citations and bibliographies.

Original authors Bruce D'Arcus, Frank Bennett, Rintze Zelle

Typesense is a fast, typo-tolerant search engine for building delightful search experiences.

Original authors Jason Bosco, Kishore Nallan

Plausible provides all website traffic metrics at a glance in a simple and modern web analytics dashboard.

Original authors Marko Saric, Uku Täht