Blogs are not Journals

Blogs are not Journals
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This week I updated the submission form for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive to clarify that participating blogs can't be journals (or books). Journals and journal articles have many similarities to blogs and blog posts, but they are something different, and out of scope for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive.

One feature that can differentiate a journal from a blog is that journals often have volumes and issues. Growing Rogue Scholar into a valuable resource involves many considerations, and one important one is to clarify what a science blog archived by Rogue Scholar is and isn't. The Rogue Scholar Advisory Board that first met in January asked for

more work on clarifying what kind of organizations and blog content Rogue Scholar should aim to attract, and how the service should be positioned in relation to other scholarly output formats, such as preprints and journal articles.

This change in the submission form is another step towards that goal. Please reach out to me if you have any comments or questions regarding the distinction between blog and journal.

May 23, 2024: updated post to clarify the language regarding journal volumes and issues.


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