Mendeley 1.0 released Today

Version 1.0 of the reference manager Mendeley was released today. In good Web 2.0 tradition it took three years from the first Beta release to the first “finished” product. I interviewed co-founder Victor Henning back in September 2008, and both the software and the company have gone a long way since then. Congratulations.

Mendeley in 2008. Picture taken from my interview with Victor.

Mendeley has changed reference management in many ways. Most importantly it has added another choice for users, and their constant push for new features has benefitted everybody, including the competition.

The Mendeley software has been downloaded one million times and 100 million papers have been uploaded to the service. Mendeley is no longer the new kid on the blog. With their popularity and size also comes an increased responsibility for the community. On top of my wish list: a decent Citation Style Editor that would also benefit Zotero and Papers 2 users (hacking the XML files is not an option for most people).

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