New on Arxiv: first report of SOAP open access publishing project

Practically all papers in high-energy physics (> 90% since the late 1990s) are first published on the ArXiv preprint server. Several related disciplines also have a long ArXiv tradition. But ArXiv is also an excellent source of interesting papers about scientific publishing, including this one from last Monday:

Dallmeier-Tiessen S, Darby R, Goerner B, Hyppoelae J, Igo-Kemenes P, Kahn D, et al. First results of the SOAP project. Open access publishing in 2010. 2010 Oct; Available from:

The paper is a comprehensive report on the current state of open access publishing – and deserves a separate blog post. Salvatore Mele (one of the coauthors) pointed me to this paper in a very interesting dinner conversation last night. Follow the Gobbledygook reading list for more interesting ArXiv papers, including a gem from 2009 on the citation behavior in high-energy physics.

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