New Rogue Scholar milestone and funding drive

New Rogue Scholar milestone and funding drive
Photo by Thomas Galler / Unsplash

This week the Rogue Scholar science blog archive reached another big milestone: 2,000 blog posts archived (2,242 as of today). This was achieved by adding new blogs (now 39) but, more importantly, by archiving older posts from the participating blogs. Twenty-one of the 39 science blogs now have all their posts archived at the Rogue Scholar, are included in the full-text search, and have (with two exceptions) DOIs and metadata registered for them. This was only possible via the financial contributions that Rogue Scholar received last week when I launched the new financial support options. Thank you Rogue Scholar supporters!

Reaching one milestone of course means setting up a new goal for the Rogue Scholar: 5,000 posts from 50 science blogs. A big part of that is archiving all (about 1,500) posts from the participating blogs not yet included in Rogue Scholar. This costs money (paying for database and file hosting, DOI registration, and development work needed), and many blogs included in Rogue Scholar are personal blogs and can't pay the $1 per post one-time fee that Rogue Scholar is charging (beyond 50 free posts per year) to support the Rogue Scholar infrastructure. I am therefore asking everyone who wants to support Rogue Scholar (as a blog author as well as a reader) for as little as $3 (the price of a coffee), to use the Buy me a coffee link in the Rogue Scholar menu bar, and contribute. All donations count towards a goal of $1500 and progress can be tracked on the KO-fi Buy me a coffee page:


Fenner, M. (2023). How to support Rogue Scholar?

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