Oyster mushrooms, Hearing, Accessibility, Obesity, Webb Space Telescope

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Oyster mushrooms, Hearing, Accessibility, Obesity, Webb Space Telescope
Photo via NASA Science

Oyster mushroom fungus uses nerve gas to paralyse and eat tiny worms

Alice Klein | New Scientist | January 18, 2023

More detailed understanding of how oyster mushrooms, a carnivorous fungus, kill their prey to use them as nitrogen source.

Hard of Hearing

Henry Gee | The End of the Pier Show | January 3, 2023

Henry Gee talks about the fascinating evolution of mammalian hearing, and the revelation of starting to use a hearing aid himself.

Access is not the same as accessibility: A framework for making research papers truly open

ArXiv Blog | January 19, 2023

ArXiv completed intensive user research last year, looking into the accessibility of research papers. Offering well-formatted HTML in addition to PDF will lead to critical accessibility gains.

The New Obesity Breakthrough Drugs

Eric Topol | Ground Truths | December 12, 2023

Two new drugs to treat obesity have recently been approved. They reduce body weight by 15-20% in placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials and work by mimicking gut hormones that are secreted after food intake.

Six Months ago

Two Weeks In, the Webb Space Telescope Is Reshaping Astronomy

Jonathan O’Callaghan | Quanta Magazine | July 22, 2022

Report on the first research activities after the James Webb Telescope launched in July 2022.

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