Planetary Defense, Healthy Food, Slime, Software Citation, Parthenon Marbles

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Planetary Defense, Healthy Food, Slime, Software Citation, Parthenon Marbles
Image via Wikimedia Commons

The Era of Planetary Defense Has Begun

Alex Tabarrok | Marginal Revolution | March 8, 2023

In their textbook Modern Principles of Economics, Tyler and Tabarrok use asteroid defense as an example of a public good.

Food fight: FDA is redefining ‘healthy’ and food industry is pushing back

Laura Reiley | The Washingon Post | March 5, 2023

Less saturated fat, less sodium, less added sugar; manufacturers say almost no packaged foods would qualify under the agency’s new rules.

From Ghostbusters to H.P. Lovecraft: A Cultural History of Slime

Susanne Wedlich | Literature Hub | February 22, 2023

Short cultural history of slime.

Advancing Software Citation Implementation (Software Citation Workshop 2022)

Daina Bouquin, Ana Trisovic, Oliver Bertuch, Elena Colón-Marrero | ArXiv | February 15, 2023

This report outlines a series of collaborative discussions that brought together an international group of stakeholders and experts.

The strange journey of the Parthenon Marbles to the British Museum

Evan Puschak | Aeon | February 28, 2023

Short video telling the story of how the Parthenon Marbles were moved from Athens to London 200 years ago.

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