The Rogue Scholar releases its first catalog of science blogs

The Rogue Scholar releases its first catalog of science blogs
Photo by Daniel Forsman / Unsplash

The Rogue Scholar blog archive today released its first catalog of science blogs, a total of nineteen science blogs that signed up for the Rogue Scholar via submission form and met the inclusion criteria:

  • The blog is about science and in English or German (more languages will follow later, reach out to me if you can help).
  • The full-text content is available via RSS feed and distributed using a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).

The Rogue Scholar will launch in the second quarter of this year, and this list of science blogs is an important step. The RSS feeds of the included blogs will be used to archive content and register DOIs, and they contain important information that I will include over time, including license, language, blog description, blog logo, contact person, and blogging platform.

Subset of the blogs included in the first Rogue Scholar catalog

The first Rogue Scholar catalog can be used as a starting point to find interesting science blogs, but more importantly, the catalog is available as an OPML file for download and can be imported (and modified) into any blog reader.

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