Join us for the Force2021 Hackathon

Join us for the Force2021 Hackathon
Matias Piipari at the Spoton London 2012 hackathon. Picture from Flickr, taken by Lou Woodley.

The Force2021 conference will take place from December 7-9. The conference will be virtual, and registration is free. And we will again be hosting a Force2021 hackathon, as co-located virtual event on December 6 and December 10. We will meet for four hours each (1 PM - 5 PM GMT) and will communicate via Zoom. Please check the tick box in the Force2021 registration form if you also want to participate in the hackathon, we will follow up with more logistics as we get closer to the event.

The overall theme of the hackathon is software citation, and it is coordinated by the Force11 Software Citation Implementation WG and Scicodes. This is a hackathon that is not only about code writing, but any collaborative activity around the overall theme. You can suggest a hackathon topic in the Force11 Software Citation Implementation WG Issue Tracker, but we make the final decision about topics and teams on December 6. Some ideas that have been expressed include:

  • Improve Codemeta documentation and examples (add links to existing tools)
  • Update crosswalk between CITATION.cff and codemeta
  • Do crosswalk from BibLaTeX to codemeta
  • Improve citation style support in GitHub CFF implementation
  • Thinking session: tracking the impact of good metadata
  • if there will be a developer from SWH - Implement citation button for directories with codemeta or CFF (T3494)
  • Update the GitHub citable code guide
  • Write a GitHub Action to help authors keep their CFF files up to date (e.g., when a new release is published)
  • Write a GitHub Action (with configuration options) that allow people to follow best practices with their software citation practices (e.g., semantic versioning, archiving, generating metadata (Codemeta, CFF), ...)
  • Improve the codemeta generator tool
  • Discuss on how to have a support system for creating metadata/citation files
  • Get support for your metadata problems

And please also join us for the main Force2021 conference. In particular on Tuesday December 7 at 5 PM UTC for the Software citation deep dive session.

Comment on the Force11 Software Citation Implementation WG Issue Tracker or reach out to me if you have any comments or questions, and I hope to see many of you on December 6.

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