Papers for iPhone released – time for more poetry

Papers is a great Macintosh program to manage the PDF files of scientific papers on your (Macintosh) computer. I've mentioned several times that I like the program and I interviewed the author Alex Griekspoor back in October. Today the iPhone version of Papers was released and it is a great companion for those moments when you really have to look up that particular Nature paper while discussing the release of calcium from intracellular stores in the bar.

As a thank you for beta testing the iPhone version, Alex Griekspoor is giving me three copies of Papers for Mac (or rather three serial numbers, Papers can be downloaded and used for 30 days without registration). As I already own Papers, and in the spirit of some recent poetry here on Nature Network (and elsewhere in the blogosphere, answers to question #11), I'm giving these serial numbers away to the best poetry about using the iPhone for finding, reading or writing science papers. Please post your poetry in the comments section of this blog post, the submission deadline is next Thursday at 8 PM.

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