Please join us for the Science Online London Conference in September

The Science Online London 2011 Conference takes place September 2-3 at the British Library. I am again one of the organizers (together with Lou Woodley from and Kaitlin Thaney from Digital Science), and I’m getting both excited and nervous the closer we get to September.

Photo by (if you look really hard, you can find me in this picture from the 2010 conference).

We have recently posted a first draft of the conference program, and you can see that we are trying something new. In addition to the keynotes, panel discussions and breakout sessions we had the last few years we have also scheduled four workshops for the second day of the conference. I’m doing a workshop called Beyond scholarly publication together with Eva Amsen (The Node) and Mark Hahnel (FigShare). The idea is to really have a hands-on experience, and in this workshop we will focus on blogs and related tools. We will try to do something interesting both for someone who wants to start a science blog, but also for more experienced writers (e.g. Scholarly HTML or ePub). We haven’t work out the details, so please drop us a note if there is a particular topic that you want to see covered. All workshops will focus on Spinal Muscular Atrophy as a theme, and we hope that everybody has learned a few tricks by the end of the day.

We are still looking for breakout session suggestions for the first day of the conference. If you have a good idea, please add it to the wiki, as we hope to have a program that is (close to) final by July.

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