The Rogue Scholar weekly newsletter launches on Wednesday

The Rogue Scholar weekly newsletter launches on Wednesday

The Rogue Scholar science blog archive is growing nicely, reaching more than 1,500 blog posts this week, and 5-10 new posts every week. You can subscribe to all the blogs you are interested in via an RSS Reader and use various strategies to find and read interesting content, but some people prefer to receive regular email updates instead. That is why the Rogue Scholar is launching the Rogue Scholar Digest newsletter this week, publishing every Wednesday and containing summaries (title, publication date, blog name, author, and summary) with a link to the full-text post on the hosting blog.

These weekly emails are generated automatically using the Rogue Scholar API and the newsletter functionality of this blog. To subscribe to the Rogue Scholar weekly digest, click the subscribe link on this blog's homepage and add your name and email. Signing up for the newsletter is free and you can cancel anytime.

Once you have confirmed the account via email, sign in and change your email preferences to receive the weekly Rogue Scholar Digest (there are a few other newsletters you can subscribe to):

A newsletter summarizing 5-10 posts is quickly scanned and interesting posts bookmarked for later reading, or stored in a reference manager for referencing later. When the Rogue Scholar archive grows further and the number of weekly new posts gets too large, I can start more specialized newsletters, e.g. by subject category (e.g. social sciences) or language.

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