Today I started a new blogging network

Today I started a new blogging network
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In the last few weeks I haven’t seen any announcement for a new science blogging network (the last one was probably Scientific American in September). So I thought today would be a good day to start a new one. Earlier today I wrote the first post on the first blog hosted by my institution. The blog runs on a WordPress 3.0 installation that I hope will see more blogs in the future – our library will probably be next (they are currently hosted on

The new blog is the official blog of our Comprehensive Cancer Center (my day job). I will write about various aspects of the work there – something I wanted to do for a while. This is also the first time that I write in German, which will be much easier, but at the same time will reach a smaller audience. Writing for my institution will also be an interesting experience. Although I don’t think that this will start something big at our institution, institutions are in fact a good place for blogging networks. Special thanks go to Stefan Zorn in our PR department for encouraging words, and to Henry Scowcroft from Cancer Research UK for many good tips about blogging for an institution.

The new blog of course doesn’t mean that I stop writing here. I’m too deep into this.

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